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The following officers proudly serve Triple Lodge No. 835.


  • Worshipful Master- John Vasques Sr.
  • Senior Warden- Jack Taylor Jr.
  • Junior Warden- Joe Pastoriza
  • Treasurer -Darrell Harbison
  • Secretary- WB Gary Reed
  • Senior Deacon -David Morris
  • Junior Deacon -Douglas Comer
  • Chaplain -Jason Bajoras
  • Marshal- Richard Cottrell
  • Senior Steward- Eric Pomeroy
  • Junior Steward- Darrel Comer
  • Tyler -Tracy Lakin

Meeting Times

The Masons of Triple Lodge 835 meet on the 
1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.


You can see dates and times for our other
activities on the Events and Calendar pages.

Master of the Lodge


Douglas Comer is the Master 
of the Lodge.
You can learn more about
Triple Lodge No. 835 on
the About Us page.

Picture Gallery

ParadeView pictures of our recent and past events in our online image gallery